We don’t like showing off, but we really think that we make pretty good food, and we care that you enjoy it.

Option 1: The Classic
No pigs in blankets, or dog eared sarnies here, this is a Mrs Jones Caters take on the tired buffet lunch. A mixture of wraps, club sandwiches, baguettes and ciabatta, here are some example flavours:

Ham, salad and French’s mustard mayo
Humous and crunchy salad
Tasty mature cheddar and caramelised onion chutney
Chicken, sun dried tomatoes, rocket and mayo
Brie, cranberry and salad
Salami, mature cheddar and sun dried tomatoes
Fresh mozzarella, tomatoes, pesto and basil
Lemon tuna mayo with sweetcorn
Posh crisps (free)
Sweet treats – mini patisserie selection
Fruit Platter

£8.99 p/p
Minimum order 8 people (excluding dietary requirement)


Option 2: The Rustic

A tasty selection of meat and cheese platters, salads, rustic bread and continental nibbles.

Continental meat selection (salami, chorizo, cured ham)
Cheese, grape and walnut platter
Olives, sun dried tomatoes, roasted peppers
Mozzarella Tricolore (with tom’s and basil)
Rocket salad with parmesan
Cous cous salad (with seasonal ingredients)
Rustic bread selection
Fruit kebabs & mini patisserie selection

£11.99 p/p
Minimum order 20 people


Option 3: Keeping Up With The Joneses Lunch

If you are tired of the traditional, why not try our signature buffet?

Club sandwiches:
Smoked salmon, dill and horseradish cream
Chicken, bacon, mayo and salad
Brie and cranberry
Humous, sun dried tomatoes and salad
Mini Yorkshire puddings with beef and horseradish
Vegie mini Yorkshire puddings
Mini quiche selection (includes vegetarian)
Chorizo and olive bites
Sun dried tomato and mozzarella bites
Posh crisps (free)
Mini chocolate brownies and muffins

£8.99 p/p
Minimum order 8 people (excluding dietary requirement)


Option 4: Real Welsh Buffet

This buffet sources local produce and gives you a taste of the abundant local foods Wales has to offer.

Selection of Welsh cheese, oat cakes and (Welsh) chutney
Platter of Welsh ham
Potato Salad
Crispy green salad
Rustic breadReal (made in Wales) crisps
Welsh Cakes and Bara Brith (made in Pembrokeshire)

£11.99 p/p
Minimum order 20 people


Option 5: Mediterranean Buffet

Plenty here for vegetarians, and a buffet bursting with different flavours.
Humous, falafel and olives
Greek salad (with tomatoes, mint and feta)
Continental meat platter
Mixture of wraps (a. roasted veg and humous b. ham
and tzatziki with mint)
Pitta bread
Fruit kebabs
Fabulous bite-size baklava

£11.99 p/p
Minimum order 20 people


Option 6: Join The Club

Our club sandwiches have become so popular, we have decided to dedicate an entire buffet to them.

Selection of club sandwiches:
Chicken, bacon mayo and salad
Salmon and horseradish cream with rocket
Brie and cranberry
Ham with posh mustard mayo and salad
Posh chips (free)
Fruit kebabs
Cookies and Danish pastries

£8.99 p/p
Minimum order 8 people (excluding dietary requirement)