Food Safety

We dedicated to producing food that tastes great, just as importantly is safe to eat. It is easy to say that we care about food safety, but MJC goes beyond lip service and has a number of deliverables that show you that we are committed to producing food that is fresh and safe.scone

Listed below are full details about our insurance, food handling accreditation and choice of food safety methodology that explain how we are operating to the highest standards, please take the time to read them to understand how we operate. However, just to highlight, MJC operates from a high rated premise (award given by the Environmental Health) and also chooses to uses a comprehensive food safety methodology that looks at risks and controls of every aspect of food handling from preparation to delivery. And we have a separate protocol for dealing with allergies and intolerances that we have built that into our unique methodology. Mrs Jones Caters is committed to delivering the best possible service, and are always working to maintain the highest standards in all aspects of our business.
Mrs Jones Caters has comprehensive business insurance

Mrs Jones Caters (MJC) holds all necessary Business Insurance policies to cover Public Liability. The insurance policy also enables Mrs Jones Caters to prepare food at a range of accredited premises and to deliver food to any premise.

Our current active policy is held with ‘Allianz’.

Mrs Jones Caters operates from a high rated premise

Food and catering businesses in Wales are now part of the Food Standards Agency’s Food Safety accredited ratings scheme. Mrs Jones Caters is pleased to say that the premise from which they operate has been given a high award of standard:

Mrs Jones Caters has trusted suppliers

Mrs Jones Caters places upmost importance on Food Safety as well as consistently producing outstanding quality produce. We now have a number of trusted suppliers, including Cardiff/Welsh based businesses, and we value their consistency of product/service, which is why they have been chosen.

The necessary delivery checks are made when food is delivered, and we constantly inspect transit delivery temperatures (and keep the appropriate records).

Mrs Jones Caters will provide delivery food safety information

Mrs Jones Caters is now implementing a protocol sheet for customers. The sheet (that will be delivered with each buffet) will explain the menu, and also timings by which the food should be consumed in line with Food Safety best practice.

Mrs Jones Caters implements a HACCP food safety methodology

Mrs Jones Caters was selected by Cardiff Council’s Environmental Health Department to develop a HACCP plan (more detailed information below).

This plan goes above and beyond the standard Food Safety requirements and is a more detailed methodology. The plan considers all elements of food preparation and safety, and has a detailed section dedicated to food allergies/intolerants.

The HACCP plan is available should you wish to view it, please contact Mrs Jones Caters.

For more information on HACCP and Food Safety in general please visit the following links:

Cardiff Council’s Food Safety website

Food Standards Agency link

HACCP Regulation

All food handlers are accredited

All food handling operatives hold the appropriate Food Safety Level 2 Certificate. Mrs Jones Caters is already considering further study by employees to enhance our Food Management systems (dates and courses have been obtained from Cardiff County Council’s Environmental Health Dept).

Mrs Jones Caters has grown with professional expertise

Mrs Jones Caters has received support from the Welsh Assembly government and Business Mentoring group CIOTEK. CIOTEK are a unique agency that helps to develop, and support, growing businesses like Mrs Jones Caters.

To receive the start-up support Mrs Jones Caters had to develop and deliver a high-level business plan that included plenty of information on food safety/standards, and also a deliverable plan that emphasises quality of product and service.

About Mrs Jones Caters

Mrs Jones Caters is run by a strong management team with professional backgrounds in public and media relations for the food sector and other industries. The team has a great passion for food and business which prompted them to start Mrs Jones Caters.

MJC is growing from strength-to-strength and should you wish to see some of our testimonials, please get in touch or to view a few of them go to our testimonials page. We really respect the need to deliver safe and excellent quality food. If you wish to discuss any aspect of food safety and/or our quality of product and service, please get in touch with us.